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Let’s play Hatoful Boyfriend, the pigeon dating simulator

Let’s play Hatoful Boyfriend, the pigeon dating simulator

Yes, you read that name properly. Hatoful Boyfriend is Japan’s premier avian love sim, and some times ago got a commercial English language launch for the very first time.

The overall game starts the way that is same time — with you, a peoples woman, entering her 2nd 12 months at St. Pigeonation’s.

You are able to enter name that is custom your character, but — possibly away from pity — we plumped for the standard Japanese recommendation Hiyoko Tosaka.

The very first individual, er, bird, you’ll meet is Ryouta. He’s a good man whom takes care of their sickly mum.

Every time you meet some body for the time that is first it’s going to show a individual representation regarding the bird’s personality. Though in fact they’re all simply generic anime characters.

And thus we begin the term that is first. The whole game happens during the period of just one scholastic 12 months.